Pokemon Crystal Version Game Boy Color Factory Sealed Rare Gameboy (2001)

Pokemon Crystal Version Game Boy Color Factory Sealed (2001)


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Condition: Brand New, Factory Sealed.
Rating: E-Everyone
Release Year: 2001
Genre: RPG
Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
Publisher Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Color



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Pokemon Crystal Version Game Boy Color Factory Sealed (2001)

Pocket Monster mania continues with Nintendo’s release of Pokémon Crystal for the Game Boy Color. Furthermore Pokémon Crystal offers gentle enhancements to the basic story and gameplay. Additionally, Pokémon Crystal is the second-wave of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver releases.

Also, it follows the same story told in the Gold and Silver versions. For the first time, gamers have the choice to play as a female trainer. Like Pokémon Yellow included a special Pikachu, trainers are have an unusual Suicune. Pokémon Crystal is designed to offer a complete Pokémon experience. Those new to the ubiquitous phenomenon and additional challenges for seasoned trainers who simply have to catch ’em all.

In conclusion, Pokémon Crystal scores well with critics. Many commented that there were just not enough new features. Craig Harris of IGN gave the game an “outstanding” 9 out of 10 stating.

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